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One Meter, Stitch, Sandwich, Word, Compassion … at a Time

Like many people, I have spent a good deal of life setting goals. Some  have been easily achieved and others, despite high expectations have fallen by the wayside. Perfectionist all or nothing thinking, has often led to my biggest setbacks … Continue reading

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You May Have Noticed

A crystalline membrane stretches to capacity. Perhaps as in birth, it is meant to give way, so that truest self may emerge? On the other hand, what if it is a boundary that must not be breached? More like the lens of … Continue reading

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Erging Through the Storm

I was mid way through a grueling 50K day last Saturday, when I heard about the shootings in Arizona. As my mind reeled through the shock and horror of disbelief it fell, where it all too often has fallen in … Continue reading

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