Thread of Life


From one end to the other, a single continuous strand. Deliciously delicate. Colorful and bright. Our job is to see it through without breaking it. At times, a breeze to follow, the pattern recognizable and clear. At others, an indecipherable tangle, with stops, starts, re-takes, and perhaps seemingly endless. Occasionally, we may become so confused, that it hardly seems worth the effort required to continue the project.

By times, entanglements can appear so limiting, that they feel hopelessly knotted or stuck. In these moments, the greatest of ease, loosening, lightness, and peace may be required to follow the thread where it leads. Moment by moment and breath by breath we may continue to work our way through some of the more challenging jumbles and snarls.

Incredibly long or way too short. However we arrive or depart. The only certainty – two finite points.

May the great divine mystery of your creation reveal itself to you – for the truly magnificent work of art that it is.



"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1 bakka2thesource a collaboration of musicians and artists.
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24 Responses to Thread of Life

  1. Sam says:

    Beautiful, Beth! Thank you for the inspiration, as always. And your knitting is exquisite!

    • Thanks Sam. I am working my way through a pretty severely tangled skein of fingering weight yarn. It seems the universe is revealing it’s secrets to me as I work my way along. The shawl is even prettier in person, the purples and subtle green shades don’t really show up in the picture. Who knew so much beauty lay within???

  2. Beautiful prose and a beautiful piece of knitting as well. Great way to begin the day. Wishes for smooth threads for you today.

  3. Kathy says:

    So true, and simply beautiful.

  4. lapet says:

    Life…and your gorgeous piece of knitting. I love it!

  5. Creating the ease in the entanglements. Mmm.

  6. Hi Beth

    A lovely metaphor for life. I hope you are feeling well and that the new year will be kind to you. With love

    • Sometimes the great mystery just walks up and introduces itself. Pretty grand when it goes that way on a good day. Things are unfolding, just have to stay the course. Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement. Hope all is well in your world as well.

  7. ann russell says:

    Om Shanti………

  8. Robert Vanderwaall says:

    Great job Beth. Your topics always bring up great memories. There is something so awesomely amazing about a woman knitting. During a blackout my German mother in law would sit in the dark next to the wood burning stove and knit 3 pairs of socks for me to take to the field during Army training in the winter. She said she learned to knit in the dark during WWII when women would knit for the soldiers and had to maintain darkness during airraids. My wife knitted beautiful sweaters for my son and daughter when they were toddlers. Even today she still uses the wooden egg when darning socks, Yes, darning socks 😉 Your writings always bring forth so much more in me than words can provide. Great job. Robert v.

    • Thanks Robert. Love to hear your recollections about your life. What treasures you share! I heard from Lance that you are coming for the reunion. Great news. Please let me know if you need a place to stay or would like to come for Tea or coffee. Can’t wait to catch up in person.

  9. Verónica says:

    That was very thoughtful and inspiring. So many lessons in your words. And the shawl is beautiful.

  10. Kate Swaffer says:

    Such beautiful words Beth, very moving.

    And thanks for reading my blog occasionally too, I’d love to have nothing to do every day other than read other great blogs like yours… but alas, the rest of my life gets in the way!!

    Take care, and keep up the beautiful knitting. I’ve become an Honourary member of The Cosy Club, a group of older women (75+) who knit for charity, and who are teaching me to knit each month – I used to be able to knit well, but now find I keep forgetting how!! It’s great fun, albeit a little frustrating.

    • Thanks Kate. Likewise on the ‘wishing for more time to read great blogs.’ Most of my writing this week is focused on resumes and cover letters. ah well. such is life. So appreciative of your kindness and support.

      Huge snow day today. Sitting by the woodstove with coffee and a difficult knitting pattern. woohoo. life is grand.

      much love.

      • Oh, and flipping the frustration – how great that you get to learn something new every month that you enjoy????? so sending you prayers for your continuing to remember as much as you require to keep life beautiful YOu are an inspiration to us all.

  11. globalunison says:

    How have you been Beth? Was wondering if you are doing fine!
    With warm wishes,

    • Hi Naima. Nice to hear from you. I miss all my blog friends. Have serious issues right now and I am just totally focussed. At the same time the strength of my spirit is returning – new and improved and I am reading the bible daily. so not to worry – like the phoenix I will rise again. much love to you, special special woman.

      • globalunison says:

        I am so glad to hear from you, always make me feel better! You are always in my prayers! May Almighty bless you and shower His mercy on you – always keep smiling, it is your strength, Beth! You are an inspiration for many =)
        With love,

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