Mom had a tough day. A very tough day. Translation – by 6pm I found myself exhausted and tearful. Desperately seeking comfort I turned as I often do, to the bloggers who inspire and sustain me and this is what I found.

Clare Flourish, a blogger who writes Clare Flourish, The Intermittences of the heart is someone I greatly admire for her courage and consistency of purpose. Clare sent the Lovely Blogger Award my way!  So first, let me say to Clare, when I say YOU MADE MY DAY, it is with heartfelt gratitude. At the point that my energy was at it’s lowest your kindness brought a cool reviving wind. I am honored and will try to do justice to the faith you place in me to continue.

I am sure by now, most of you know more about me than you ever wanted to, but here are my seven things in no particular order.

  • for many years I wished I had been born into a family of brown or black people (of course eventually I understood that being a child of the family I had made me who I was supposed to be – but I did promise you secrets)
  • treading water and floating for long periods in any kind of clean water are very sensuous pleasures
  • as a small child I believed that a family of faeries lived in my backyard. I owe much of the survival from childhood trauma to them
  • still believe to this day that magical beings are messengers sent from the Creator
  • seeing the delight on children’s faces during movies, or live performance in theaters reinforces the previous statement
  • sculling with slow control through smooth as glass water with swans as my only companions is one of my biggest highs
  • unbeknownst to my long distance partner, I prepare for date night, even though it consists of watching tv by phone
  • growing old with grace and dignity is one of my many aspirations
  • love is a huge motivating force in my life
  • imagining a future with infinite possibilities and interesting people keeps me going on bad days

Now for the best part, my One Lovely Blogger awards:

IJWoods writes Conscious Departures, Preparing for what ultimately lies ahead. CD first came into my life as an inspiration when I stumbled upon it through a google search. Since then, it has become an ever-increasing source of caregiver inspiration and resources.

Celestine, composes Reading Pleasures – A Blog of Books and Literature. Not only does Celestine write wonderful book reviews about inspiring stories and authors who enlighten, but she is an amazing poet in her own right. There is something about the way she sees things that touches my heart.

Rosemary, is the author behind Caregivercapers. She is fearless in her efforts through such posts as Walk a Mile…., to bring expression to the whole of the caregiver journey. She continues to inspire me with her dedication and love to her husband Milo.

Naima, constructs Globalunison. To have found the ability for such profound self-expression at only 17 years old is amazing. She serves as a role model to all young people who are wise beyond their years.

Hermant‘s blog, Peace is the Way, has fast become one of my new favorites. His poetry is exquisite. Every single offering is as much refreshing as it is inspiring.

Andy’s blog, My Story to You.. Stories of My Experiences and My Thoughts, is another beautifully written site that provides inspiration and hope.

Another charming blogger, is Frangipani, who pens Frangipani Singaporenicum. She blogs about caring for her mom and shares her observations on life through fabulous metaphors. The images inside her post, Pachyderm Paradise and the beautiful words that accompanied them are still resonating after many days.

Terre’s, Caring with Confidence, Support for end of life caregivers, is one that is of great use to me now. Not just for the practical information it shares but for the courage and humility with which it grows my confidence as an end of life caregiver.

I discovered Loretta’s blog Chrysalis during a web search for photographers who would possibly be willing to film my mother’s end of life transition. Not only has her  story with her mother had a profound impact on me, but I have to say, I hope to be like her when I grow up.

Then there is Kimberly, of Southsidesoul. She is another of the super talented young ones that I love to read. With lines like “I’m dripping like a knuckle ripe, all in your mouth, sweet, watery watermelon” from Dem Days, you can certainly understand my fascination with her spirit.

There are many other blogs that inspire and delight me, but I have to finish for today. End of Life Caregiving issues are ramping up and I must heed the call.

Thanks again to Clare Flourish for the honor of sharing some of my favorite bloggers with all of you. Hope your day is gentle and blessed.


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"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1 bakka2thesource a collaboration of musicians and artists.
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22 Responses to Up-Lift

  1. Oh Beth, I am humbled that you chose me to bestow such an honour on. I don’t know what else to say except thank you from the bottom of my heart. May our heavenly Father sustain, bless and give you comfort as you continue to care for your mum. It is truly diffifcult and yet noble. My warmest hugs to you and your mum. Love, Celestine.

  2. frangipani says:

    Thanks, Beth! Most kind of you.
    Hang in there with your mom. I hope you find time to enjoy being in the water 🙂 – I love the feel of water too!
    Keep writing and sharing your insights.

    • Well deserved. It is getting harder and more dangerous to leave mom alone now, but I am looking for someways to have people spend time with her so that I can do just that. Thanks for all your encouragement and support. Looking forward to all our mutual new discoveries. Beth

  3. Beth, I am speechless. Thank you so much for giving such an honour. When I started writing didn’t know that it will touch and inspire so quickly. Your appreciation is inspiring me to continue writing. Love and Light to you and your mum. Hemant

  4. onlinefunland says:


  5. I’m sorry your mom is having such a difficult time. I hope she will have a better day today and that you will too.

  6. Sylvie says:

    And you forgot to add to your list that your bead collection and ability to create gorgeous beaded jewellery. Even though you are clearly consumed with caregiving demands I look forward to seeing more gorgeous bead work in the future. Does Marcia still have her beaded pillow from way back?

    • Sylvie you still have a wonderful ability to make me laugh. Yes, she still has our beaded pillow project. I’m sure the bead creations will rise again when the time is right. Thanks for your continued support and for holding the belief in my life when doing so for me is difficult. I love you soooo much. Beth

  7. erin says:

    Beth, the kids and I would love to spend some time with Marcia, giving you a chance to take a walk, or a breath, on your own. We love you all.

  8. congratulations for the very well deserved award.

  9. thanks for the glimpse in your beautiful heart.

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